Utah Society of Health-System Pharmacists CV Night

The Utah Society of Health-System Pharmacists is hosting a live virtual CV review night on Tuesday, April 12th from 6:30-8:30 PM. This is a great opportunity for students to refine their CV/resume. The deadline to submit your CV for review is tomorrow, April 1st at 12:00 PM MST. Send your CV as a Microsoft Word document to cv@ushp.org and register here.

To participate, you must be USHP member. Student membership is only $10/yr, and comes with a host of benefits besides this annual CV Review event including:

• Free registration ($20 for non-member students) to USHP Annual Meeting (an excellent local meeting with opportunities to network with local pharmacy leaders and employers and present research posters).

• Access to USHP student scholarships (2 x $1000 every year)

• Access to the USHP Mentorship program which connects junior members and students with mentors according to your career interests

• Opportunities to get involved – students can serve on the committees (Program, Communication, Advocacy, Membership, Technician) and help guide the practice of pharmacy in Utah, network with pharmacy leaders, and add leadership experience to their CVs.

Take a moment and update your CV, or write a rough draft for the first time and send it on to USHP. It’s a valuable service, the registration cost to be a student member will pay off many times over, and you’ll have to create a CV for future classes in the last half of pharmacy school anyways.

Please ask me any questions you have or refer to ushp.org for more information about USHP and the opportunities it presents to students.

Payson Ashmead

payson.ashmead@pharm.utah.edu | m. 801-391-1487

University of Utah College of Pharmacy – Class of 2023

USHP Program Committee Student Representative

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