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Utah Alliance for Ambulatory Care Pharmacists


Application for student member of the Board of Representatives for UAAP

About UAAP:

The mission of UAAP is to serve as a unified voice to advance and advocate for ambulatory care pharmacy in the state of Utah by serving as a partnership and convening body to expand and strengthen the influence of ambulatory care pharmacy in Utah through the evolution of quality cognitive services to promote positive patient outcomes. To achieve these ends, key values of this organization are community, advocacy, and collaboration.

Student Representative Expectations:

One student from each Utah based College of Pharmacy will be selected to serve a one-year term as a ex-officio member of the UAAP Board. Student representatives are encouraged to attend bi-monthly Board meetings to present new ideas, policies or procedures that may contribute to overall standardization of the process of care for ambulatory care pharmacy. Additionally, student representatives are encouraged to participate in coordinating ambulatory care based collaborative research between institutions.

Application Requirements:

• Current student at an accredited college of pharmacy within the state of Utah

• Current intern license issued by the state of Utah

To apply, please submit a cover letter (maximum one page) describing your interest in ambulatory care and this position and a current CV to Bradly.Winter@imail.org. Deadline to apply is Friday, August 25th.

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