Upcoming PLS Lunch Events 

The first event is the PLS Faculty Coffee/Lunch with Dean Peterson on Friday, Feb 24th from 12-1 pm. There is an opportunity for an additional 3 students to sign up to join. The co-curricular sign is live for that one.


The second event is a PLS Faculty Dinner with Dr. Witt. That will take place on March 3rd at Dr. Witt’s house with his family and there will be live music. There are an additional 10 spots open to join some PLS students for this event, and the co-curricular sign-up is also live.


The third event is a PLS Faculty with Dr. Gunning, Dr. Babin, and Dr. Grace LeFleur. This will take place on April 8th at Dr. Gunning’s house. There will be a co-curricular sign-up coming next week.

Finally, the last event will be another PLS Faculty Dinner with Dr. Bald and Dr. Raber. This event I am still working on ironing out the details since Dr. Raber has been in Thailand. 

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