Resiliency, Intersectionality, and Emerging Challenges in LGBTQ and Health Care

March 22 – 24, 2023

Resiliency, Intersectionality, and Emerging Challenges in LGBTQ+ Health Care

This is a virtual conference that is allowing learners to participate for free.

The agenda for this years conference is not posted yet – but on the agenda tab – there are the sessions from 2022 that are all available to listen to free. There are a few that are presented by Pharm D’s and may be especially interesting. Hopefully this years conference will have additional.

About the conference (comes from Indiana University)

Focusing on LGBTQ+ Health Considerations

The LGBTQ+ Health Care Conference is a three-day event designed for healthcare professionals, learners, researchers, patients, community organizations and interested community members who seek to understand the unique health considerations and barriers to health care in the LGBTQ+ population.

Attendees will learn how to provide respectful, patient-centered, culturally competent health care by developing skills to establish rapport, recognize barriers to medical care, offer LGBTQ+ patients competent primary care and/or referrals to such care and identify the unique health risks in the LGBTQ+ population.

Topics will include supporting gender diverse youth; community advocacy; navigating insurance and the law; supporting families of gender diverse people; HIV/STI risk reduction; inclusive sexual health practices; family building in the LGBTQ+ community; minority stress; bisexual health; identity development; spiritual care; introduction to gender-affirming hormone treatments; gender-affirming surgery topics; preventing homelessness and more!

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