Primary Children’s Intern Opportunity

Primary Children’s Inpatient Pharmacy is hiring new interns, either incoming P1s, current P1s or P2s (class of 2024-2026).

Hours average out to 16 hours a week and will be a blend of time spent in central, IV room, or staffing with the ICU or internal medicine pharmacists. Interns at Primary’s have the opportunity to gain sterile compounding experience as we prepare and deliver medications for the kids at the hospital. We also provide discharge counseling patients and their families for newly diagnosed diabetes or anticoagulation therapy.

Interns get to work closely alongside the awesome pharmacists and residents at the hospital, and we have a close nit group of interns too. I have loved working there and would be happy to answer any question you might have about the job!

Here are the links to the postings, you can apply to either one regardless of your current year:$158872/9925$81992.htmld$158872/9925$82000.htmld


Jackie Simpson

PharmD Candidate, Class of 2023

College of Pharmacy, University of Utah

Published in Employment
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