Posters for Legislative Day Needed

Hello everyone!

We are now accepting submissions for poster ideas for Pharmacy Legislative Day! See below for more details!

Each year, the University of Utah and Roseman team up to present posters to state legislators and the general public at Pharmacy Legislative Day at the Utah State Capitol. The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Student Chapter is in charge of organizing posters, and we are asking for student input on poster topic ideas.

Once poster topics are finalized, we will send out a sign-up where students can sign up for each poster topic. Anyone who suggests a poster topic idea that gets chosen will automatically get assigned to work on that poster if they wish. If you submit a poster idea and you wish to collaborate with Roseman students on your poster, please indicate that you wish to do so and we will send the sign-up for your poster to Roseman students as well. Creating and presenting a poster is a great way to add to your CV and to learn to work as a team!

All NCPA members will get first choice to sign up for poster topics before we open the sign-up to the rest of our student body. If you want to make sure you are on the NCPA member list, feel free to check with Elizabeth Schindler ( or Ary Vadipour ( You do not need to be an NCPA member to submit an idea or work on a poster, but NCPA members will get priority access to poster sign-ups.

Please submit your ideas by Friday, November 4th using this link:

You can submit multiple ideas, so please suggest as many ideas as you’d like!

To help you brainstorm, here is a list of last year’s poster topics:

-Pharmacists Play Pivotal Role in Supporting Safe Consumption of Psychedelic Medicines upon their FDA Approval

-The Pharmacist’s Role in Early Detection and Cancer Screening

-The Pharmacist’s Role in LGBT+ Healthcare

-The Impact of Pharmacist Counseling on Healthcare Costs

-Expanding Pharmacist Involvement in Prophylactic HIV PrEP Therapy

-Medication Counseling Perspectives: Pharmacists and Patients

-The Pharmacist’s Role in Naloxone Prescribing and Opioid Overdose Prevention

-The Pharmacist’s Role in Antibiotic Stewardship

You can also check out the previous posters in the HSEB Pharmacy Lounge for more ideas!

I look forward to hearing your ideas!


Elizabeth Schindler (she/her)

University of Utah College of Pharmacy

PharmD Candidate Class of 2024

NCPA President 2022-23

Generation Rx Chair 2022-23

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