Population Health and the Role of Pharmacists – WEBINAR

Learn about population health and the role of pharmacists

In a free pharmacy experts webinar on November 15, the UW–Madison School of Pharmacy will host a presentation on population health featuring panelists Christopher Barron (BS ’97), Tyler Prickette (PharmD ’17), and Tony Knutson (PharmD ’20), from Fort HealthCare. The panel will be moderated by School of Pharmacy Associate Dean for Advancement David Mott (BS ’88, MS ’92, PhD ’95).

This event will be an interactive presentation that will allow participants to learn about population health and its principles and how they are applied within a rural health system. Moreover, it will emphasize the role pharmacy can play in advancing population health initiatives and management.

Attendees watching this webinar will learn about the concept of population health and how Fort HealthCare applies its principles, learn about key population health management initiatives at Fort HealthCare and pharmacy’s role, and discover key pharmacy best practices that promote population health initiatives.

Wednesday, November 15

7:30 p.m. CT



Register Now https://explore.wisc.edu/LP=1770?elqTrackId=5B682E041F394968B056B18E0871FEC9&elq=5f85b29a78144d66bbab8200e8e31210&elqaid=40181&elqat=1&elqCampaignId=29033

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