PLS Dinner with Dr. Doug Burgoyne


We are excited to announce a PLS Dinner on Thursday, April 7 at 6:30 PM with Dr. Doug Burgoyne.

Doug is a managed care pharmacist and adjunct faculty at the COP, co-teaching the managed care elective. He has founded multiple PBM’s (Cooperative Benefits Group/RealRx and VRx, now part of Magellan Health) and the CBD store Farmer and Chemist. He has been very involved with AMCP on a local and national level. Doug is also involved with antimicrobial stewardship and is on the international board for the Global Respiratory Infection Partnership (GRIP). He is also my dad!

We will have an awesome dinner with discussion about entrepreneurship and leadership within pharmacy.

Please sign up on the co-curricular system if you would like to attend. Please note that the date has changed – the signup says April 6, but the dinner will be held Thursday, April 7.

Emily Pinnock

PharmD Candidate, Class of 2022

University of Utah College of Pharmacy

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