Pharmacist Intern Still Wanted 

Pharmacist Intern Wanted

If you would like to own your own pharmacy someday, Benjamin Jolley is the preceptor for you. You will learn more about the ins and outs of running an independent Pharmacy, and the Business side of Pharmacy, than with anyone else.

Benjamin is a 3rd Generation Pharmacist who grew up in pharmacy and has developed programs to help other pharmacies run better.

Dean Jolley is a 2nd Generation Pharmacist who grew up in the house of our founder Joel Mckay Jolley. He knows many people throughout the Industry.

He is an expert on compounding and is known as the pharmacist with a bow-tie.

Jolley’s Compounding Pharmacy has a tradition of trying to grow the pharmacy and compounding industry throughout Utah. Many of our past employees have gone on to open their own pharmacy.

We have a tradition of passing on our knowledge and experience to the next generation.


Licensed Pharmacist Intern in the state of Utah

To Apply:

In person: 1702 S 1100 E Salt Lake City, UT 84105

By Phone: 801-891- 5520

By Fax 801-484- 8677

By Email

Jolley’s Compounding Pharmacy is open Monday-Friday from 9-6 and Saturdays 9-2

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