P1 and P2 CSI Facilitators Needed 

Hello Students!

There are co-curricular opportunities this semester to serve as a facilitator in the CSI small groups. Please consider signing up via the SignUp Genius and the co-curriculurar site for our CSI P1 and/or P2 classes as a facilitator this spring semester. Having facilitators sitting with our PharmD student groups provides key support to students as they progress through their PharmD degree. The CSI classes help students review key material from classes, practice journal club articles, work on oral and written presentation skills, etc. Facilitators do not need to be content experts but provide guidance in these small groups as students develop their professional skills, study skills, and practice working as a team…all skills needed as pharmacists.

Thank you for considering facilitating! The signup links are below:

The P1 CSI SignUp Genius link:


The P2 CSI SignUp Genius link:


Thank you for your consideration to participate. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, Linda O’Connor, at Linda.OConnor@pharm.utah.edu.

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