Opportunity with Gilead and LEO Pharma!

Attention Students: Apply now for a student pharmacy program opportunity with Gilead and LEO Pharma!

Utah AMCP, in partnership with Gilead and LEO Pharma, is offering Student Pharmacy Programs for AMCP affiliate student members in Utah. These opportunities aim to provide student pharmacists exposure to a day in the life of a pharmaceutical manufacturer. The pharmaceutical manufacturer will provide air travel, meals, and overnight accommodations. To qualify, you must be a P2 – P4 PharmD student at the time of the program (i.e., have not graduated as of August 2024), at one of the accredited Colleges of Pharmacy within your respective AMCP affiliate region, a current member of AMCP, and have completed the application form. The link is here: https://acrobat.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:ad03bebe-6649-3b17-b96a-491b0192961d. Your application must include a brief essay on what you will gain from attending the Student Pharmacy Program and how it will contribute to your professional goals related to pharmacy. The deadline for applications is May 3, 2024.

Student Pharmacy Program opportunities:

LEO Pharma Student Shadowing Day (Aug. 14–15, 2024)

Gilead Student Pharmacy Program (Sept. 10–11, 2024)

Please reach out to Michael Stapley (MDStapley@coopbenefitsgroup.com) with any questions! 

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