MSCI Med2Grad Call for Applications

Call for Med-to-Grad Applications

We are currently accepting applications for the Med-to-Grad (M2G) program. Students should be a current PhD graduate student in the Colleges of Science, Medicine, Pharmacy, or Engineering, or the School of Medicine. They must have completed their first year of graduate school, have identified their thesis mentor, and have a strong interest in pursuing translational research during and following graduate school. All interested students are urged to apply; we particularly encourage applications from underrepresented minority students.

The Med-to-Grad program at the University of Utah provides didactic coursework and clinical mentoring to PhD students and leads to the MSCI (Masters of Clinical Investigation).

Med-to-Grad activities and mentoring are integrated seamlessly with department-based requirements in order to provide comprehensive medical science education that will assist pre-doctoral students at each step of their graduate work, from classroom studies and thesis research, to developing long-term lines of investigation with an eye to translation and relevance to human disease. Students’ mentors must be willing to participate in and/or attend Med-to-Grad student workshops and activities. Some Med-to- Grad program activities include:

1. Health Sciences targeted grant writing, patent application, and publication workshops (alternating topics each year).

2. Translational Research and Technology Development Workshop

3. Molecular Medicine Scientific Symposium

4. Clinical Research Conferences

5. Clinical Rotations

Each applicant must submit the following:

1. Letter of Intent (There is a ONE-page limit; font must be Arial 11pt. and margins can be no smaller than ½ inch).

2. University of Utah transcript (can be photocopied or downloaded from the web)

3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

4. A short research description in the form of a Specific Aims page; please include a title for your project. There is a ONE-page limit. Font must be Arial 11 pt. and margins can be no smaller than ½ inch.

5. 2 letters of recommendation, one from your mentor and the other can be from faculty who is familiar with your research.

For admission to the program, application items 1-4 should be submitted by the student to Kellie E. Brown ( as a single PDF. Letters of support should be submitted directly by your referees. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

For Fall 2022 admission, applications are due June 20th, 2022 

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