Maliheh Student Run Clinic 

Dear pharmacy students,

Looking for a unique and enriching experience? Join the Maliheh Student Run Clinic.

This is an outstanding opportunity to:

– Interact directly with patients.

– Collaborate with fellow health professional students, including MDs, PAs, and NPs.

– Gain practical exposure in a clinical setting, mentored by experienced preceptors.

Good news for our first-year students: P1s are welcome to participate by shadowing P2-P4 students. Plus, there’s flexibility for anyone interested in attending multiple clinics throughout the semester!

To participate in clinics, please sign up on the co-curricular system!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of us!

• Jieyu (

• Valeria (

• Jolina (

• Nirali (

Best regards,

Jieyu Wang

University of Utah College of Pharmacy

PharmD Candidate – Class of 2025

Pharmacy Intern – University of Utah Health

APhA-ASP Communication Vice President 2023-2024

Maliheh Student Run Clinic Coordinator 2023-2025

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