Maliheh Clinic Days for Spring 2023 Semester

The Maliheh Clinic days for this semester are up and you can sign-up using the links below. It is an interdisciplinary collaboration between PA, NP, medical students, and Pharmacy students. You will work collaboratively on a team to work up your patient, present to the preceptor, and come up with a treatment plan. Pharmacy students will assess medications, immunizations history, and allergy history. First year pharmacy students will be able to shadow their upperclassman. This clinic provides invaluable experience that we don’t want to waste. If you cannot attend the clinic on your assigned date, it is your responsibility to find a replacement for your position. This also counts for a co-curricular activity. The clinic address is 941 East 3300 South. If you have any questions about the clinic feel free to message the pharmacy student coordinators Jeaninna P. Flores Bello, Manuel Armenta, Joseph Rapp or Michal Tvrdik. Thank you!

Thursday Clinics:

Saturday Clinics:


Jeaninna P. Flores Bello –

Manuel Armenta –

Joseph Rapp –

Michal Tvrdik –

University of Utah College of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Student Coordinators 

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