Legislative Day Poster Sign Up

Hello everyone!

The Legislative Day Poster signup will be sent out Friday, November 18th at 12 pm. Please mark this on your calendar if you are interested in being a part of a poster group for Legislative Day, as slots usually fill up quickly. Those who came up with the poster idea do not have to sign up, as they are automatically given a spot on the poster.

NOTE: If you are an NCPA member, you will be receiving the signup link 24 hours before the rest of the college. DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK TO NON-MEMBERS. Anyone who is NOT an NCPA member who tries to sign up before 12 pm on Friday will be removed from the signup list.

The poster topics this year are listed below. Feel free to look them over so you can decide which poster you would like to sign up for. There are 2 posters that we will be collaborating with Roseman students on, which will be a great opportunity to work with some colleagues who are not part of the University of Utah. We have some really interesting ideas this year, so I’m excited to see these ideas become posters that we can use to advocate for pharmacy! As always, please reach out if you have any questions!

2022-23 Topics:

1. Why are my prescriptions so expensive?

2. The Role of the Pharmacist in Cystic Fibrosis Treatment

3. The Pharmacist’s Role In Health Promotion

4. How Pharmacogenomics is Changing Pharmacy

5. An overview of the mental health of students enrolled in pharmacy school and other health graduate studies **collaboration with Roseman**

6. Pharmacy Consultant Practice: An Expansion of the Pharmacy Field **collaboration with Roseman**

7. Pharmacists’ involvement in medications for inmates (e.g., contraceptives)

8. The Current State of Pharmacist Prescribed Hormonal Contraception in Utah and Ideas to Improve Access.

Elizabeth Schindler (she/her)

University of Utah College of Pharmacy

PharmD Candidate Class of 2024

Intern at University of Utah Health Plans

NCPA President 2022-23

Generation Rx Chair 2022-23

Published in Student Affairs
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