Job Opportunity at Jolley’s Pharmacy

WANTED: Pharmacy Intern interested in Compounding!

Want a great job at an independent local compounding pharmacy? Want to make a difference to patients with compounding? Enjoy working with a fun pharmacy staff? Are you a great leader? Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with not working nights or Sundays? A job at Jolley’s Compounding Pharmacy may be right for you!


•Competitive Pay $17+

•Opportunity for personal and professional development

•Employee Perks



•Positive Attitude


•Communication skills


•Self Starter



•Available to work at least 12 hours per week

•Pharmacy Intern License in the state of Utah


•Experience working as a pharmacy technician

•Demonstrated Leadership Experience

•Experience with PioneerRx pharmacy management system

•Experience with PKsoftware

•Experience with Inventory Management

•Experience working in a compounding pharmacy

•Experience as a compounder

Job Description:

Under the direction of the Pharmacist, the Pharmacist Intern:

•inputs prescription orders quickly and accurately

•obtains patient demographic data (including allergies, complete medication profiles, insurance, and contact information)

•Prints labels and fills prescriptions

•Places orders for replacement product in OrderExpress

•Answers customer phone calls within 3 rings

•Resolves insurance claims issues

•maintains prescription inventory (cycle counts, dusting, returns, removing expired product)

•Maintains will-call bins: places completed orders onto the shelf, calls patients late to pick up, returns product to inventory as needed

•fulfills customer service associate role: rings out customers at the register

•Accepts new telephoned verbal prescription authorizations and renewals

•Clarifies prescription orders as needed

•assists the pharmacist in preparing for vaccinations

•Performs Medication Therapy Management in Mirixa, OutcomesMTM and OptumRx MedMonitor platforms.

•Monitors EQuIPP dashboard and intervenes with “outliers”

•With adequate training, recommends birth control therapy for pharmacist approval.

•Reviews patient profiles for prospective DUR.

•Recommends interventions for synchronization patients.

•Upon adequate training, performs extemporaneous compounding of non-sterile products consistent with USP <795> and USP <800>, as well as with store policy.

•Upon presentation of proof of vaccination training, administers vaccines

•After acquiring adequate experience, verifies prescription orders

•Otherwise assists the pharmacist as needed.

On an as needed basis the Pharmacist Intern:

•receives wholesaler orders

•prepares home deliveries

•prepares shipments

•places calls to synchronization patients

To Apply:

In person: 1702 S 1100 E Salt Lake City, UT 84105

By Phone: 801-891- 5520

By Fax 801-484- 8677

By Email

Jolley’s Compounding Pharmacy is open Monday-Friday from 9-6 and Saturdays 9-2

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