Interview Volunteers Needed for January 20th, 2023 (11:15-3pm)

Hello All,

We have an Admissions interview day coming up this next Friday (1/20). We will be hosting a few students here in person! If you are available to help it would be so wonderful, below are the various roles we will need filled:

Minglers: We need 5-8 people from 11:15-12:00. You will be there to chat with the interviewees, answer their questions, just make sure their feeling ready to go.

Group Leaders: We need 2-3 Group Leaders from 12:15-3:00. You would each have a group of students to guide from place to place as they follow their schedule for the day. You also will act as a tour guide at some point. A cheat sheet will be provided day off to make sure you know what you need to know.

Student Panel: We need 3-5 people from 12:15-3:00 to be on the student panel. You would answer any questions about the program and student life, other concerns they may have (to the best of your ability).

Here is the Signup link:

It has the different roles and time slots listed. There may be overlap between group leader and student panel depending on number of volunteers. Important note: lunch will be provided, and you are all greatly appreciated. 

The first 5 people to sign up can come get a king sized candy bar! (Thanks for using the DASH) 

Your biggest fan,

Kammy Shepherd

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