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My name is Lacie Newland and I am one of the Intern Directors at Intermountain Medical Center (IMC) and I wanted to inform you of the unique practice opportunities here at IMC! We have several inpatient intern positions that have opened this spring for the incoming P1 classes (Both U of U and Roseman), current P1 class (both U of U and Roseman), and current P2 class (U of U only).

As an inpatient pharmacy intern at IMC, you would be part of a program that advances as you progress through school. This advancement allows you to experience the full spectrum of care; from inpatient pharmacy processing to patient interaction to clinical exposure. As an incoming P1 student, you spend your first year understanding how the hospital functions by working Central Operations. As you begin your second year, you then move to the floors where your main responsibility is to work with patients to gather medication histories. In your final year of pharmacy school, you then have the opportunity to staff clinical shifts in which you assist pharmacists with their therapeutic consults, perform medication education, and discharge Transplant patients. In addition to your typical responsibilities, an internship at IMC allows you to connect with pharmacists and to develop the skills needed for residency or job placement.

The hours and shifts vary depending on your year in school, however, the minimum expectation is 8-10 hours per week; additional hours are often available, if desired. Scheduled shifts are developed based on the preferences and availabilities of all interns within the program.

To apply and review additional details of the position, please visit$9925/9925$244293.htmld If the link does not work, you may search for requisition # R101704. If you run in to any complications or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Lacie Newland, PharmD, BCPS

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