How to Enlarge a Poster Image


To view a poster as a larger image, right click on it and select “open in new tab” or “view.”

How to Register

1. Visit https://www.virtualpostercop.com and Sign In with your uNID@utah.edu

enter the password we sent you. You can reset your password or send an email to copcpwise@umail.utah.edu.

How to Upload a Poster

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your poster needs to be saved as jpeg. Images should not be more than 2560 pixels in any direction. Images that are too large will not upload correctly..  Follow these steps to convert your poster to jpeg

  1. Login to the website with your new credentials and Upload your poster by following the "Upload your Poster" menu link.

2. Type your poster title. Then, upload a jpeg of your poster by clicking on the + sign followed by the camera logo. Add your abstract below the poster.