Health Professional Student Loan (HPSL) Program

Dear Pharmacy Students,

The Financial Aid & Scholarships Office is still accepting applications to receive the Health Professional Student Loan (HPSL) Program for the 2023-2024 academic year.  This loan program is available for full time matriculated students in the College of Pharmacy.

Some features of this loan are the following: 

• 5% Interest Rate.

• 1 Year Grace Period.

• Up to 25 Year Maximum Repayment Term.

• $40 Minimum Monthly Payment.

• Loan Limits $15,000 Per Year.

• Loan is deferred through an internship or residency.

To start, interested students should complete the Health Professional Student Loan (HPSL) Interest Form, HPSL Supplemental Form and the Self Certification Form (attached). When these forms are complete, please upload them through this link.  

HPSL Interest Form 2023 – 2024

HPSL Supplemental Form

Private Loan Self Cert.

Keep in mind, the HPSL Loan is based on need and, as such, all applicants will be selected for verification so additional information will be requested.

Parental information is required to determine eligibility, regardless of the dependency status of the student. Interested students must have their parent’s information on their 2023-2024 FAFSA.

Please note, submitting the paperwork for HPSL funding does not automatically mean that you will be eligible for these funds. A thorough review of your financial aid file will be conducted to determine eligibility.

Students interested in learning about the application and awarding process can contact Shana Yem directly at

Thank you,

Shana Yem

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