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An experienced pharmacist would be great, but a super bright and motivated person who has done a residency would also be amazing! I am happy to set up interviews and schedule in person tours of the Institute, the space is incredible and thoughtfully designed with patient care in mind, absolutely worth seeing. I am including a summary about Metrodora below, just to give an idea of who we are and the scale of what we are going to accomplish.


Metrodora Culture and Values – We are seeking innovative, curious, collaborative, intelligent, and compassionate individuals who want to work as integral members of a team, who want to continuously learn, and who want to be part of the solution that reimagines healthcare. We know there is a better way to practice medicine that will not only lead to better care for our patients but also more rewarding careers for all of us. We know that for so many of us, medicine is a passion. At Metrodora Institute we have created an environment and culture that will allow all of us to realize this passion once again. We are offering competitive compensation packages and career development along with a commitment to work life balance. We sponsor J-1 visas.

Our Focus –

Tens of millions of individuals in the US are affected by neuroimmune axis disorders, chronic conditions that affect the nervous, immune, endocrine, and gastrointestinal systems. There are currently no medical facilities in the US that provide these patients with the integrated care that they need to thrive and have fulfilling lives. The Metrodora Institute is solving this urgent problem by creating the first multidisciplinary medical and research center that specifically focuses on neuroimmune axis disorders. These include neurogastrointestinal, neurological, immunological, autoimmune, pain, connective tissue, and other chronic disorders.

Our Space –

1. Multidisciplinary Clinic with specialists from gastroenterology, neurology, immunology/allergy, endocrinology, cardiology, rheumatology, pain medicine, and genetics, working together to provide truly integrated care. The clinic has advanced autonomic and neurogastroenterology testing laboratories, whole genome sequencing for personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics, EMG, TMS, and currently occupies 60,000 square feet with room for expansion. An advanced imaging center will also be located within the building.

2. Center for Advanced Interventions (CAI) is a state-of-the-art ambulatory surgical center with four procedure rooms outfitted with leading technologies for routine and complex gastrointestinal and neurogastrointestinal procedures, along with vascular studies and pain therapies. The CAI is a Medtronic Center of Excellence for neurogastroenterology and Mauna Kea Center of Excellence for confocal laser endomicroscopy (CLE).

3. GI Pathology Laboratory with best-in-class automated Sakura equipment. The laboratory includes immunohistochemistry (IHC), in situ hybridization (ISH), and multi-analyte profiling capabilities for specialty cell staining and immune profiling.

4. Center for Health Creation (CHC) for physical, occupational, speech, cognitive, and nutritional therapies. The CHC has advanced robotic, virtual reality, and augmented reality therapy equipment, as well as an in-house demonstration kitchen for filming adaptive and allergy sensitive cooking classes.

5. Infusion Center (21-chair) for advanced therapeutics and clinical trials.

6. Research Innovation Center with a multidisciplinary research team for basic, translational, and clinical research, as well as clinical trials. Metrodora is building the first national biobank and data repository for neuroimmune axis disorders. We have many strategic partnerships with biotech, biopharma, industry, and academic teams to accelerate the discovery of new therapeutics and cures.



Christine Pavel

Executive Assistant

Phone: 801.649.9007

 Email: christine.pavel@metrodora.co

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