Diabetes Prevention Program Opportunity

Diabetes Prevention Program Representative Position

Utah Department of Health and Human Services

We are hiring a P2 student for a temporary (9/1/23 to 6/30/24), part-time Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Representative position with the Medicaid Pharmacy Team. Below is an explanation of the position and job functions.

The main goal of the DPP Representative position is to encourage and educate eligible Medicaid members to participate in diabetes prevention programs. The DPP Representative will be working remotely between 8 to 12 hours per week at a rate of approximately $23 to $24 per hour and will primarily be reporting to Luis Moreno, PharmD. The tentative start date is September 1, 2023, or sooner depending on the new hire’s availability.

Job functions and requirements:

● Call and send communications in the form of letters to Medicaid members eligible for DPP to increase awareness and encourage participation

● Provide education/guidance as necessary for DPP providers on the process of Medicaid enrollment and reimbursement for their services

● Collaborate with me and others on process improvement to reach the DPP enrollment goal

● Attend online monthly check-in-calls held by the National Diabetes Prevention Program Bright Spot Initiative

● Option to participate in up to ten, 90-minute online peer-to-peer learning lab sessions prepared by the National Diabetes Prevention Program Bright Spot Initiative

● Demonstrate a willingness to learn and adapt to meet the demands of the job functions and requirements

● Possess basic MS Word and Excel skills for documenting and reporting purposes

● Customer service experience is a plus

Please reach out to me for questions about this position or if interested in scheduling a virtual interview.

Best regards,

Luis Moreno, PharmD, CDCES

Email: lmoreno@utah.gov

Office phone 801-538-6100

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