Monday, February, 13th College Seminar Series: Dr. Yuru Wang

Please find the attached seminar flyer for Dr. Yuru Wang.

Developing novel tools to study RNA modifications and modifying enzymes

Abstract: RNAs are fascinating molecules that play many vital roles in the cells. RNAs harbor much richer information than that’s encoded in the genome sequence, partially through being heavily decorated with various types of chemical modifications. Some of these modifications have been demonstrated to profoundly affect RNAs’ properties such as structure, stability and RNA-protein interactions. Decoding these chemical modifications is important to understand the roles that RNAs play in various cellular processes, especially those associated with human diseases. In this talk, I will introduce my work on:1) probing the interactions between the A-to-I RNA editing enzyme ADAR and substrates; and 2) developing new methods to map the distribution of and quantify the stoichiometry of important modifications on the transcriptome. These studies have advanced our understanding of RNA recognition by ADAR and laid the technical foundation for future studies of RNA modifications.

Monday, February, 13th

3:00 PM

2120 HSEB

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