C.A.R.E. Fair Service Opportunity

The CARE fair is an annual event in Salt Lake City, Utah, aimed at connecting low-income, uninsured families to community services. There are free physical exams, dental exams, car seats,

Bike helmets, and a large fair with organizations such as UPCC presenting information about their services. Pharm students have done a variety of tasks in the past, including 1) vitals

Stations for those waiting for physical exams, 2) medication histories for these patients, as well as responding to physician queries about medication use. and 3) assisting in any other way that is needed.

The dates and times that the CARE Fair would take place are on Friday, July 29th (9 am – 8 pm) and Saturday, July 30th (9 am – 6 pm).

If you are interested in this, please sign up at the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeZIPYYl8MEPN6xpa_RSW-C57d5xz3nN9Zy6zQY88TU9qxJIg/viewform?usp=sf_link

C.A.R.E. Fair 2022

Friday, July 29th (9am – 8pm) and Saturday, July 30th (9am – 5pm).



CARE Fair – Junior League of Salt Lake City

The Junior League Community Assistance and Resource Event (CARE) Fair is an event organized and directed by the Junior League of Salt Lake City for families needing routine medical, dental, and vision services along with community assistance information. Typically, major barriers (i.e., time, language, financial, and transportation constraints) prevent some Utah families from receiving many …


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