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Are you interested in creating change in your community? Consider applying to be a Bennion Scholar! The Bennion Scholars program encourages students to create real-world change related to their area of academic study through volunteering and a capstone project. Scholars hone their interests and commitment to specific communities (e.g., helping survivors of sexual assault, creating a music program for patients in hospitals, addressing racial disparities in health care, etc.) as they complete 200 hours of service and a capstone project with a community partner and faculty mentor. The capstone not only creates a lasting impact but also provides a student with unique experiences and connections that could be helpful after graduation. To support their efforts and prepare for this level of community involvement, students have a peer mentor within the program and take two required CEL classes plus a CEL elective.

P1 students are encouraged to apply by April 1st. A 3.0 GPA is required for acceptance. Find additional information, including the full list of program requirements and the application form, here. Email Kate Pasco with questions.

Kate Pasco (she/her/hers)

Curricular Programs Manager

Bennion Center for Community Engagement

University of Utah

Office: 801.585.7472


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