Belmont University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Post-Graduate Fellowship Programs

Belmont University College of Pharmacy would like to inform you and your students of our post-graduate drug information fellowship opportunities to begin in June 2024.

We currently have two fellowships in partnership with a local healthcare corporation, HealthTrust, as well as a government agency sponsorship with the FDA’s Division of Drug Information. The programs focus on drug information with additional emphases on academia at Belmont University, corporate management/regulatory at HealthTrust, and regulatory agency at the FDA. Upon graduation, the fellows are uniquely positioned to obtain employment in an academic, corporate, government agency or managed care role with the comprehensive drug information skills so desired in all pharmacists today.

We ask for your assistance in identifying qualified PharmD students who might be interested in pursuing advanced training in academic, corporate and/or government agency environments. Informational brochures for interested candidates are attached and available on our fellowships’ web page at Please share these with your students and faculty.

Interested students are welcome to directly contact our current fellows, Drs. Zachary Fricker and Jessica Cook (, for specific questions and further information.

Webinars will also be held on October 2nd and 25th at 6:30 pm CST. The Zoom link and meeting ID are as follows:  (Meeting ID: 594 216 9275)                                                                                                                                                                             

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