ASHP-SSHP Graduation Cords Tracking

Hello Students!

ASHP-SSHP wants to remind all students involved in ASHP-SSHP to start filling out the graduation cord tracker, especially for all the students graduating in 2023. This will ensure that you meet all of the requirements in order to receive a graduation cord for graduation day. While there is no current strict deadline for the class of 2023 at this time, we strongly encourage you to have the graduation cord tracker filled out by the end of April. The link for the tracker can be found here: Graduation_Cord_Tracker.xlsx

The graduation cord tracker also has a recently-added tab for the 2026 class.

Please reach out to Mckenna Fowler or Landon Welch with any questions that you may have. Thanks!

Connor Jensen

PharmD Candidate Class of 2024

University of Utah College of Pharmacy

ASHP-SSHP Secretary 2022-2023

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