APhA-ASP Leadership Application 2024-2025

 The University of Utah APhA-ASP chapter application-based positions include: IPSF Vice President-Elect, Patient Care Vice President, Membership Vice President, Policy Vice President, Operation Diabetes Chair, Operation Heart Chair, Operation Immunization Chair, Generation Rx Chair, Women’s Health Chair

*Eligibility and detailed descriptions/responsibilities are available here.

Submit applications to Ben: Benjamin.Perez@pharm.utah.edu and to Madi: u1119409@umail.utah.edu by Tuesday, April 30th at 11:59 pm.

Please give the following information typed in a word document:


Year in School:

  1. Please clearly state which position(s) you are applying for. You may apply for up to 3 positions by filling out one application but may only hold one position. If applying for more than one, please rank the positions you wish to be considered for with #1 being your highest preference.
  2. What innovative ideas do you have for this position and how would you make these happen? If you are applying for multiple positions (listed in #1), please answer for each position. (100-word max for each position you are applying for i.e. 300-word max total)
  3. What motivates you to be involved in extracurricular activities? (75-word max)
  4. In addition to school, what other time commitments do you have, or might you have, next year and how do you plan to manage your time? (Please include #hours you work, other leadership/committee responsibilities, volunteering, etc.) (75-word max)
  5. Given the position specific expectations listed below, how do you plan to effectively accomplish these tasks? (150-word max)
  6. What are your qualifications related to the desired position and why do these make you the best person for this position? (May include any non-APhA and/or APhA experiences– past leadership, team work, involvement in other organizations, work experiences, participation in events, etc.) (250-word max)
  7. If applying for IPSF VP-Elect, why are you interested in global health? (75-word max)

By submitting, you confirm that you are aware that APhA Leadership is required to attend once monthly APhA meetings, attend APhA retreat in June, attend conferences if possible, and must fulfill responsibilities for individual positions as outlined below. You agree to become a member of APhA in 2024-2025 and remain in good academic standing.

For more information about APhA-ASP, please visit: www.pharmacist.com/apha-asp

For questions about the application, please email Benajmin.Perez@pharm.utah.edu or Madi Young at u1119409@umail.utah.edu

Thank you for your interest in becoming a leader!

Descriptions and Responsibilities

****NOTE: responsibilities subject to change – you will be working closely with the President and President-Elect to ensure the success of the chapter and gain the most out of this leadership experience****

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