AMCP Foundation Health Equity Research Intern 

Hello All,

Below are some details on an internship opportunity.

We are continuing our internship in health equity, but it is different from our regular internships in terms of being full-time for ten weeks. We are looking for someone further in their education with adequate research experience since that is the sole focus, and the position is part-time.

Here’s the gist of what the internship will look like:

Six months part-time (June-Dec or July-Jan)

Virtual only

Create own work schedule.

Focus on a research project in health equity for presentation at AMCP 2024; potential for publication – Possible topic around cardiometabolic diseases, specifically diabetes or obesity.

Preceptor: Health Plan (currently looking but have reached out to Humana and Moda Health)

Benefits: modest stipend, travel to AMCP 2024, train with industry experts on specific health equity concepts, and exposure to AMCP/AMCP Foundation enterprises.

The contact for this role is an Ebony Clay, the Assistant Director of Programs & Development at the AMCP Foundation. They ask you contact them directly if you are interested. Either at or 703-684-2623.

Best of luck! 

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