AACP Clinical Challenge 

Hi P2 and P3 Pharmacy Students!

P1 who are interested look at how you can participate in the GroupMe link!

The time is here to decide on your 3-person pharmacy student team to compete in the upcoming ACCP Clinical Challenge in September 2024. The American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) hosts a Clinical Challenge event yearly to determine which pharmacy school receives bragging rights for tackling therapeutic clinical challenges! Over 90 schools of pharmacy compete in this electronic event! The U COP team has made top 32, 16 and 8 teams during the past 10 years. It’s a fun event!!

The ACCP student chapter at our COP will be hosting an ACCP Clinical Challenge Pizza Luncheon on Friday, 4/5/23, at 1:00 in the Skaggs Hall Auditorium (Lunch will be held outside the Auditorium). After the lunch (~ 1:00), P2 and P3 Student Teams will take an ACCP Pilot Team Exam (Team = 3 students; exam occurs 1pm-2pm) to determine which 3-person pharmacy team will represent the U COP during the national ACCP Clinical Challenge held in September.

The exam is multiple choice and consists of Lightening section (you either know it or don’t know it), Jeopardy section (just like the game but questions involve therapeutics) and a Clinical case section. The exam is all multiple choice that is completed by a 3-person student team (all P2, all P3, a mixture of P2 and P3 from our College). The exam lasts 1 hour. Team members can talk to each other to complete the exam (picking of each other’s brains!). P2 and P3 Students can pick the members of their own team to compete. The highest score exam will represent the COP in September.

Then… during a week in September, ACCP will hold electronic national rounds involving more than 90 schools of pharmacy to compete using a different set of questions. The electronic 1-hour round is available for 24 hours on a certain day so the team can select which hour works best for them to complete the timed electronic exam (Lightening, Jeopardy, Case). At the end of the 24 hours, ACCP will begin to cut the lower scoring schools from the roster. There are potentially 4 electronic rounds that challenge remaining teams over 4 different days (total of 4h if team stays afloat) in September. The ACCP Clinical Challenge is definitely a Challenge but a ton of fun and tweaks the brain for those therapeutic details.

What to do: Select your team of 3 pharmacy students. Criteria: Students must be from the U COP program in their P2 or P3 year currently. Determine who in your group should be the Team Captain.

Each team NEEDS to sign up on the SignupGenius by Friday, 3/29/24.

Looking forward to our local ACCP Challenge!! See you in April!!

DEADLINE FOR TEAM SUBMISSION is Friday 3/29/24 on SignupGenius.


ACCP Clinical Challenge Pizza Lunch and Exam: Friday, 4/5/24, 1:00pm, Skaggs Auditorium

Trish Orlando, PharmD, FCCP

Professor of Pharmacotherapy (Clinical)

Department of Pharmacotherapy

University of Utah College of Pharmacy

30 S 2000 E #4928

Salt Lake City, UT 84112


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