Job Opportunity Within the College of Pharmacy

Hello All PharmD Students,

We have an exciting job opportunity within the Department of Pharmacotherapy assisting Dr. Joey Mattingly. Please see the job description below, all interested PharmD students should apply by sending their resume and cover letter to no later than July 28th, 2023, this position’s anticipated start date will be August 28th, 2023.

• Job Title:

o Affordable Pharmacy Education Internship

• Job Summary:

o This is a part-time position to support the efforts of the UofU’s Affordable Pharmacy Education Initiative, a novel program aimed at reducing student debt burdens, improving financial well-being, and empowering students to build successful career plans that without fear of their ability to pay off their student loans. This initiative involves assisting with implementing the new “First Year Free” tuition program, developing educational programing for personal finance for students and graduates, identifying ways we can help current students develop financial plans that fit their personal goals, and assist with communication strategies for potential students, current students, and alumni.

• Responsibilities:

o Project management support for multiple work streams under the larger initiative. This involves working with the Notion Project Management platform for deliverable and task tracking.

o Attending meetings in-person and on Zoom.

o Actively participate in multiple work streams based on the student’s interest and areas where we need the most support.

• Time Commitment:

o Part-time, typically 2-4 hours per week (Max of 8 hours/week) as needed

o We can work around student schedules to reduce workload around exams, etc.

o $15-$20/hr DOE 

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